How to break your ankle?

Answer Jump off a building. Wear a helmet. Good luck.

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How do you break your ankle on a trampoline?

What could happen is a person could land awkwardly from trying to do something like a flip on the trampoline and twist their ankle. A friend of mine actually sprained hers' that way but I imagine i... Read More »

How did you break/sprain your ankle?

I did a cartwheel in P.E and botched the landing. I didn't know it was sprained until the day was almost over, my dad had to come and take me to the hospital. I also broke my foot triping over my... Read More »

How to break or sprain your ankle?

open big heavy wooden door or just a car door and stick the ankle through it and slam it shut.get on a moped or a quad-bike or ride normal bike really fast down hill and slam on the breaks either s... Read More »

How do you break your ankle easily and fast?

Your stupid and for everyone else who answered that wanted to break theres is stupid also grow up and stop being a child. Seems like you all want attention from other people. Have fun screaming and... Read More »