How to break up over facebook?

Answer you just change your relationship to single and tell her later

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How can I break a Facebook addiction?

It seems possible to me that you are using Facebook for some other reason. That is, perhaps you are going on Facebook for long periods of time because you are avoiding doing something else that yo... Read More »

How to Take a Break from Facebook for 2 Months?

Are you a Facebook addict? Want to take a break from the internet for a while and try getting out more? Try these steps and tips.

How to break into your own facebook page?

Try clicking the forgot password link in log in page then type in your email and it should give you a choice to change your pw by phone pin/email/security question depending on what you have it set... Read More »

How can I break my Facebook addiction of impressing people and acquiring many friends?

You answered part of this question in your question when you said "I have Low self esteem" But it's much more than that.Much of your problem has to do with culture conditioning. You have allowed yo... Read More »