How to break someone's knee cap/ elbow fast?

Answer First you need to bring your leg up. Twist sideways while keeping your foot up. Drive your foot sideways into the man's kneecap. There are also other ways to immobilize a man. Drive the bottom part... Read More »

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I have 2 really huge cuts(knee,elbow)blood was gushing out and i really hate stuff like that what should i do?

It will hurt terribly for a couple of days.The Bone part underneath is probably bruised.Clean like above said and could put a sterile gauze bandage over to absorb some of the discharge it will have... Read More »

How to break your elbow!?

lie on the ground with your elbow bent and get someone to jump off a high wall and land on the elbow expect to be in a lot of pain and if your a gamer, you wont be able to play on your games consol... Read More »

Elbow break or bruise?

Often acute pains feel much worse than they usually are simply because of thought patterns. Keep it on ice for a few hours while keeping slight movement in it, and you should be fine. If not, seek ... Read More »

How to Strike by Elbow (Palkup Chigi) or Knee (Mureup Chigi) in Taekwondo?

Elbow Strike - Palkup Chigi Mureup Arae Chigi :Lower cut by knee strike to the groinThe Elbow strike or the Knee strike known as “Palkup Chigi” and “Mureup Chigi” in Korean is an attack ex... Read More »