How to break or sprain your ankle?

Answer open big heavy wooden door or just a car door and stick the ankle through it and slam it shut.get on a moped or a quad-bike or ride normal bike really fast down hill and slam on the breaks either s... Read More »

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How did you break/sprain your ankle?

I did a cartwheel in P.E and botched the landing. I didn't know it was sprained until the day was almost over, my dad had to come and take me to the hospital. I also broke my foot triping over my... Read More »

How to sprain your ankle?

How to sprain your ankle plz?

I don't think its a good idea but this is how I did it (3 times)1.jump of a tree onto slippery grass2.jump and land on the front of your foot ( the oppisite side to what u walk on)3.(this one I hav... Read More »

How Do You Sprain Your Ankle or Wrist?

-fall down the stairs-playing tennis-playing soccer-walking/falling in 4'' heels-tossing a colorguard rifle the wrong way-football-twisting it too far-ballet