How to brake a arm,toe,or ankle?

Answer i think my sister broke her toe stubbing it

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How do u brake an ankle?

get a metal bat and hit your self till you brake your ankle. You will feel horrible pain that you can not imagine have fun. you must make sure you cant feel your ankle keep hitting your ankle til... Read More »

12 Weeks post ankle ORIF for bimalleolar ankle fracture, discontinuous mild pain in the ankle, is it serious?

Ankle support for Sprained ankle (grade 2) overkill Ace bandage + Ace brace + ankle brace (see pictures)?

Tripped and my ankle started to hurt a little and now my ankle is it sprained .if how long 2 heal?

I have some experience here. I played football through college and had alot of sprains. I would guess its sprained but can not know for certain without looking at it. None the less, Ice will help i... Read More »