How to block google talk on my system?

Answer pl. change of google settings

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Is the Google Talk for mobile is avilable from Google ( Not other IM softwares by 3rd party softwares)?

If you have mobile web use the url listed below to have Google Talk on your mobile

How Do I Block Google Pop-Up Ads?

Advertisements do not exist on the Google search engine itself, so they must have popped up on your computer in one of three other ways. You may have encountered a website that has an address that ... Read More »

How do I block Google ads?

Install the Firefox web browser, if you do not use it already. Go to the Firefox add-on site and install the AdBlock Plus add-on. Restart Firefox, and then navigate to Tools > Addons > AdBlock Pl... Read More »

How to Block Google Bot?

...How to block the Googlebot and other search engines from parsing your webpage and/or a particular link.