How to bind two actions to a single mouse button?

Answer That would be with a gaming mouse or joystick that has that function built into the software for the mouse.

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How does one Bind commands Mouse/Keyboard?

Binding is the correct term, yes, but to do that you would need to be able to use a console or other debugging tools. It is very simple and easy though you probably will need a guide that tells yo... Read More »

How to Bind Mouse Scroll for "Counter-Strike 1.6"?

Valve released "Counter-Strike," a team-based first-person shooter, in 2003, with version 1.6 being the last patch the game received. "Counter-Strike 1.6" offers full customization of the controls,... Read More »

Cant use the left button on my mouse!?

Try looking in the Mouse options dialog of the Control Panel (assuming you're using Windows - I wish people would bother stating!), to see if somehow the functions of each button have been switched... Read More »

Do you click on the wheel button of your mouse?

yes, i do. but not for the usual wheel-click function. i changed it to switch between scroll modes. on my mouse you can either do it a few screens at a time, or just let it roll until you stop it. ... Read More »