How to become wasabi?

Answer become whatever's in your hair

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How to Eat Wasabi?

True wasabi---wasabia japonica---is a rare root plant native to Japan. The root is ground into a paste using an abrasive shark skin or porcelain grater. Most wasabi served in American sushi restaur... Read More »

How is wasabi made?

Commercially prepared wasabi is pale green edible paste with a fiery heat similar to horseradish. In the U.S., it is commonly served as a spicy condiment with Japanese sushi and sashimi. The flavor... Read More »

How do I do the Wasabi Challenge?

Wasabi of course in sushi. wasabi with all kinds of seafood. Just add a dollop of wasabi on everything on the buffet table even wasabi coke. Its all good. It won't burn your tongue it will burn you... Read More »

Tabasco or wasabi?