How to become raw vegan when your a vegetarian?

Answer i would get a cookbook like raw the uncook book or going raw by judita wignall. plenty of good ideas. might be available at your local libraryalso worth checking out is

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Why Is It When People Become Vegetarian/Vegan...?

I'll borrow a line from Dr. John McDougall "people like to hear good news about their bad habits".Since most people aren't vegetarian it seems like being a vegetarian must be "the thing that makes ... Read More »

Adults who were brought up Vegetarian/Vegan from a young age did you stay Vegetarian/Vegan ?

I wasn't brought up vegetarian but I tried my best to be! I ate basically no meat. When I was two years old I gave my dad a black eye because he wouldn't let the animals in the zoo out of their cag... Read More »

Reasons to become vegetarian/ vegan?

I say go the vegan route. A vegan is someone who does not consume any animal products. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, and animal byproducts (gelatin, whey, casein, rennet.) In addition wit... Read More »

Why did you decide to become a vegetarian or a vegan :) ?

I'm about 90% vegetarian and that seems to make everybody upset.Hard core vegetarians think I'm evil for eating any meat and regular meat eaters (which are the vast majority in my country) think I'... Read More »