How to become a 24 hours non-stop Fat burning machine ?

Answer Fast continuously for 15 days and report to me For your (not very kind ) information we constantly but very slowly burn fat even while we are sleeping

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I dyed my hair 8 hours ago and now my scalp is burning?

Did you do an allergy test before you died your hair???if not its ok, hop into the shower with really cold water and just rinse your hair.if you end up having a dry scalp in the next few days, go o... Read More »

Washing machine smells like burning rubber and leaks water?

the motor is over heating and is likely to explode. don't use the washing machine until you get a new one

How to Stop a Car From Burning Oil?

A car burns oil for several reasons. The problem usually occurs with older cars that have a lot of miles on them, when the engine has endured much wear and tear. There may be a leak around the valv... Read More »

How to Stop Butter Burning?

Butter can improve the taste of food sauteed or fried in it but it can easily burn. Once burned, the flavor is unpleasant. There are a few tricks to sidestep this problem when sauteeing or frying i... Read More »