How to beat wire tapping of cell phone conversations?

Answer Please copy and distribute widely. There is only one type of real patriotism, and that is when people stand up together against tyranny within their own country. To protect yourself, you have to co... Read More »

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Is tapping a cell phone workscan u listen to conversations?

For most of us the answer is "no." This is NOT like the old days where all it took was to tune a VHF scanner to the AMPS band. GSM (AT&T and T-mobile in the US, and most carriers in most other plac... Read More »

How to Prevent Tapping of Your Cell Phone?

Having your phone tapped into is a violation of your privacy. You should be able to have a private conversation without worrying about someone listening in on your phone calls. Taking precautions t... Read More »

How to prevent cell phone tapping:?

Remove the battery before sensitive meetings. 2. Don't take the cell phone into any high-stakes meetings. 3. Carry a signal jammer . Many are disguised as business card holders or similar small acc... Read More »

Is cell phone tapping legal?

In the United States only federal law enforcement agencies may legally use telephone tapping software. They must first provide probable cause of illegal action and obtain a warrant from the courts.... Read More »