How to be invisible at friends friendlist on FaceBook?

Answer you dont want other people seeing you in other peoples' friends lists?that isnt possible

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Can i make this possible to dissable for certain people to now see my posts from my friendlist on facebook?

you dont want other people to see what your friends post on your timeline? that's simple enough - go to your privacy settings page here :…then under the s... Read More »

In friends what was the name of joeys childhood invisible friend?

How to Be Invisible When Logged Into Facebook?

Facebook will never allow other users to see when you've viewed their profile. If you log into chat, however, friends will be able to see that you are actively browsing the site. If you want to log... Read More »

How to remain invisible in facebook?

On the bottom right corner of any facebook page, click the figure with the green dot next to it. Then, click "go offline".N.B. You must be logged in first.