How to be More Photogenic?

Answer If you want to become a movie star or model someday you need to really photogenic. Even if you have no want to be either of those, being photogenic is a must. No one likes seeing themselves in a pi... Read More »

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How do I become more photogenic?

I went through a phase when I looked so bad in pictures that I refused to go to school on photo day. I always ended up looking really terrible, with a weird look slapped across my face like a hideo... Read More »

How can you make more photogenic of yourself?

Take a long, hard, look at several photos of yourself and decide exactly what you don't like about them. Then, do your best to compensate when you're photographed.For example, even after extensive... Read More »

Am I 'photogenic' or not?

Exactly the same with me, I need to take like a dozen pictures before I can actually find a decent one! and obviously you don't look exactly the same everyday so even if your taking pictures of you... Read More »

How to Be Photogenic?

You don't have to be a model or a celebrity to be photogenic. However, you can take some tips from these seasoned professionals and look your best in a photograph every time. It doesn't require a m... Read More »