How to average values every 10 min in excel?

Answer If I understand your problem correctly, you do NOT have values taken every minute, but only a single value taken every 10 minutes. And I assume these values are entered in a single column, row aft... Read More »

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How to Use Vlookup for Multiple Values in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, the Vlookup function is used for searching through multiple values positioned vertically in a spreadsheet. It can be quite useful when you're trying to create a formula-full spr... Read More »

How do you fit excel formulas and values to one page?

This can be accomplished in several ways: • Reduce the Font Size, and then adjust the Columns/Rows afterward to ensure the correct widths/heights. • Choose a different Font, something smal... Read More »

How to Pass Values to Word From Excel?

Microsoft Word allows a user to create an active link to values in an Excel worksheet. Linked values are automatically updated in the destination document. The update occurs when Word is launched o... Read More »

How to Get a List of the Unique Values in an Excel Spreadsheet?

In Microsoft Excel 2007, there are 3 basic ways to view and/or generate a list of unique values, including using an advanced filter, removing duplicates or applying conditional formatting. The meth... Read More »