How to automatically start IE when I log on to windows?

Answer For Windows XPBegin by first clicking on the Start Button.Then click on the Control Panel icon located in the right column of the Start Menu.Now click on the Taskbar and Start Menu icon to display ... Read More »

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How do i have a program start automatically with windows 2000 pro?

Under DOS, a PC user could configure her computer to automatically run a program as soon as the computer booted up. Adding the name and path of the program to the end of the autoexec.bat file cause... Read More »

We have to start rmi registry in netbeans also it does not start automatically?

I'm sure there are a still quite a few people out there who are interested in how to start RMI in NetBeans. Although the demand for RMI support has been decreasing lately, this doesn't mean that it... Read More »

How to Set a CD to Start Automatically When You Put it in a Player?

Compact discs store many types of data and media, and use various applications on the computer to start up. An audio CD might use a media player program; a CD that holds data files might use a CD-b... Read More »

How do I set Windows XP to automatically defragment?

Start a Scheduled TaskGo to the Windows "Start" menu, click on "Control Panel" and select the "Performance and Maintenance" icon. Click on "Scheduled Tasks" and double-click on "Add Scheduled Task.... Read More »