How to attact a girl to like you?

Answer Answer To attract a girl, you need to make it clear you don't just want to be with her for her looks, you need to show her your sensitive and emotional side, and make it clear you want to know her... Read More »

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What effect did the Japanese attact on pearl harboe have on us foreign policy?

State Department and State Department of Homeland Security

Dividing an airbase into multiple sectors or zones before hostilities occur allows a commander to assign threat-based protective actions and mopp level for individuals areas when attact occurs?

The AK47 fires a larger round which requires more powder to be used to propel it. Additionally, the 7.62x39mm M1943 cartridge was originally intended for a longer barreled weapon (the SKS rifle), s... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant by another girl that has had sex with a man Can a girl get pregnant from another girl if the other girl has had sex with a man and then had intercourse with the first girl?

No Phew I just had sex with a girl and it was freken sexy!!!! SEX IZ HOT WITH THE SAME GENDER!!!!!!!!! less sexier with guyz! oh, sex rules : suck the nipple er nutalways lites off!DONT 4 GET 2 SUC... Read More »

What percentage of Girl Scout Cookie revenue ends up in the hands of the girl scouts?

This is what I remember from the "cookie crumbles" handout we got last year (these are rounded to the nearest even cent).$.80 - baker$.60 - individual troop.$. 20 (ish) - patches, stuffed animals, ... Read More »