How to assist someone trapped in rubble?

Answer Lactic acid builds up in tissue when there is decreased circulation to the tissue and tissue damage.Just being trapped, without injury, and adequate oxygen exchange should not result in increased l... Read More »

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Adoptive Incentives Why are there so many programs to assist PAP's and so few to assist families?

Oh, but didn't you know, they're introducing legislation to now give "birth" MOTHERS a tax credit for surrendering their children where for the first year of the childs life the "birth" mothers ( a... Read More »

Im trapped in a box and someone put something on top of it and now I cannot get out. HELP!!!?

But funnily enough you still have access to a computer!

Could This Be Trapped Gas?

It sounds like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which is caused by certain foods. Try a light diet, no spicy foods, salt, or green veg. and see if it makes a difference.

How to Get Help When Trapped?

In case you ever have the misfortune to become trapped somewhere with no air, or crushed under huge rocks, here are some tips to getting out okay and surviving.