How to ask someone to buy you alcohol aka "pulling a hey mister"?

Answer Usually the reliable way to do this is to have an older friend/ friends older siblings buy for you, but in this situation it doesn't seem like the is going to happen.Honestly the best type of perso... Read More »

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What was Mister Rogers job on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood?

Diego Marquez is voiced by Matthew Hunter, since Jake T. Austin's voice changed.

Are you really meant to wash your bed sheets weekly or is someone pulling my leg?

Every 4 months? yuck! Think of it this way. Do you wear the same PJ's or pants for 4 months without washing them (now I'm hoping that you don't. lol)? You spend hours in bed sweating and doing othe... Read More »

If a friend without a license hits someone in a parking lot while pulling your truck out of the way will your full coverage insurance pay for it?

Answer Yes if you vehicle is insured in New Jersey, every state has different insurance laws, but to my knowledge the Eastern US states,MA, PA and New York, usually work in a similar way in that yo... Read More »

How to Confront Someone Who Has Over Consumed Alcohol?

It may be the happy-go-lucky party go-er or the belligerent drunk at the bar, but it's usually easy to spot someone who has consumed a bit too much alcohol. However, it's difficult to confront peop... Read More »