How to align text in a line both right and left on the Mac version of Word?

Answer Hi just click on the tab with the mouse and drag it over simple.yes i know it is a pain but mine was exactly the same.

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How do I align text on left& right on the same line in HTML?

Use the table tags and their attributes. Create a table with one row and two cells. Place the text in each cell, one aligned to the left, and the other to the right. Use the "valign" to ensure the ... Read More »

Html code to align pictures to the right or left of text like this...?

Just the align.The align settings that can be used are: LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, TEXTTOP, MIDDLE, ABSMIDDLE, BOTTOM, ABSBOTTOM, BASELINE

What word processing margin format is flush with both the left&right margins?

To format text to align flush with both the left and right margins, use the "justify" tool. In Microsoft Word, the "justify" button looks like a series of lines that go all the way across the field... Read More »

What is the indent that shifts all the text but the first line to the right in Word 2007?

Often used in bullets and lists, a hanging indent shifts the second line and the text that follows to the right. To create a hanging indent, select your paragraph, click on the “View Tab” and t... Read More »