How to add lights to your speakers?

Answer Do you have cables that plug into the speakers with a center prong and a shield? If so the center is positive. You might have to cut the cable or open the speaker.~Keep in mind that you might be ... Read More »

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How to Turn Your Speakers Into Satellite Speakers?

Home audio systems can turn an ordinary song into a concert or a home movie into a theater experience. Audio systems can be configured in a variety of ways, each setup requiring different equipment... Read More »

Your desktop monitor has in-built speakers When you put in the headphone sound comes from both the headphone and the speakers How do you stop the sound from the speakers with headphone jack attached?

Answer headphones and speakers work Mine will do this if the headphone jack is not completely seated in the plug. Just give a little push and see if it goes on in any further, you may feel or hear ... Read More »

I already have maestro remote control lights in my house Is there a universal touch screen remote that will control your TV system Lights and Air conditioner?

There are many to choose from ranging in price from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. You will have greater reliability and a better user interface with the more money you spend. Companie... Read More »

How do you play music from your laptop through your amplifier speakers?

Buy a headphone jack to have a red and white splitter. You can connect the headphone jack to your computer and the audio splitter to the aux. jack on your amplifier. The amplifier needs to be set o... Read More »