How to add below your videos on youtube: watch this video in high definition?

Answer Yeah add &fmt=18 to any video link to make it better quality

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How to Download YouTube Videos in High Definition?

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How to watch youtube videos at school. Ive used a proxy and it still doesnt work. The video never loads?

What is a high quality, but cheap, video camera for making youtube videos?

Step 1: Set a budget.Any camcorder will do if the lighting is *great* and a steadying device (not handheld) is used."a few hundred dollars" gets you into the range of entry-level consumer camcorder... Read More »

What happened to Youtube's "watch in high-quality" video-watching option?

It's only on certain videos.EDIT: Actually, it depends on the quality of the source video. If you upload a video from a video camera, you're probably going to get the 'watch in high quality' option... Read More »