How to add a gif to a tumblr reblog?

Answer There should be a upload link on the right above the text box. That will let you upload a file from your computer.

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How do you reblog on tumblr if there is no reblog button visible?

Two ways. The first one is the classic, you need to be logged in, and visit the specific post, not the entire home page, after that, you will ALWAYS see the reblog button on the upper right side o... Read More »

Can you un-reblog something on tumblr?

Yeah, on the right side of your dashboard it will say "your posts". Simply click on it and find the picture you don't like and delete it

How to Reblog Something on Tumblr?

You've just made a Tumblr account and you want to share what someone else has posted--but how? Here are a few tips that will show you how to effectively reblog something on Tumblr.

On Tumblr, how do I reblog to my secondary blog?

Go to your secondary blog, find the thing you want to reblog, and there'll be a Reblog button. The post editor will have a dropdown list your blogs (other than the one the post came from) and you ... Read More »