How to add FB friends to Limited Profile on Timeline?

Answer go here click on Limited profilethen use the name selector on the right

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Is it true that those friends that appear in your facebook profile are the ones that view your profile the mos?

No it changes at random. I just kept clicking refresh and it changes. Try it on your profile page to see..

How to get back the old facebook profile instead of the timeline?

you can't. Before you could make it so you could view it in the old set up (even though it still showed timeline) but now timeline is the only way. Sorry. Just get use to it or delete your account

How to setup Facebook Timeline to my profile?

This guide will show you how to upgrade to the new Facebook Timeline:…Many users reported that they still don't have the green button to upgrade to Timelin... Read More »

New Facebook Timeline how can you get your old profile back?

there is no way to get rid of it - everyone is being converted to the timeline - it's the new look for facebookhere's how to set it up…