How to: a Three-Shot in "Halo 3"?

Answer The "three shot" is the name given to a very specific combat move in the game "Halo 3." Specifically, it refers to the fact that certain types of enemies throughout the game require three flawless ... Read More »

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How to Double Shot in Halo 2?

This page will teach you how to double shot with a Battle Rifle in Halo 2.

How to Use a Shot Gun to Stop a Sword in Halo 2?

If you run into a guy that has a sword and all you have is a shotgun, if you didn't know, you can win. It's basically timing and a quick finger.

How to Make a Three Wise Men Shot?

A Three Wise Men shot combines three equal portions of liquor in one shot glass. You can choose between liqueurs or alcohols depending on your taste.

Which astronaut flew in all three NASAs Moon Shot programs?