How to a Quick Twist Out On Natural Hair?

Answer If you have natural hair you may love the fullness and curl definition that a twist out provides. However, as your hair grows in thicker and longer, it will take longer to twist your hair in indivi... Read More »

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How do ya grow natural hair long quick It's grown a lot since I went natural, but I want it longer!?

Currently i have long hair and have been learning alot so...i do not have a relaxer i stopped getting them 5 years ago ( and i've only have 3 relaxers in my life time so this is all natural) so i c... Read More »

How to Do a Natural Twist in a Kid's Hair?

Getting a child's hair to twist naturally can be a stylish way to keep her hair neat and tidy. It also gives the child a chance to express herself with an edgy look that will be envied by her peers... Read More »

How to Twist Your Natural Hair?

If you prefer your hair's natural texture to having it chemically straightened, you can twist it into a basic two-strand style that lends itself to easy maintenance and a variety of styling options... Read More »

How to Flat Twist Natural Hair?

Flat-twisting natural (non-chemical straightened) hair is similar to french-braiding. French-braiding used three strands of hair compared to flat-twists which only uses two. Flat-twists are a versa... Read More »