How to Zip Files & Make Them Smaller Using 7-Zip?

Answer 7-Zip is a free file compression program that lets you compress and decompress files in a number of different compression formats, including the ZIP file format. When you zip a file or group of fil... Read More »

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How do I make picture files smaller?

Open it with paint, save it as a different format. Jpg is a small file type.

How to you make video files smaller?

If you're using a PC it's pretty simple. Windows comes with a nice little software called "Windows Movie Maker". Look for it in programs.You can drag and drop the video clip you want to shrink in s... Read More »

How to Scan pages and make smaller files?

it is simple, just don't save it in tiff format which is the default format for saving... choose different format and reconfigure your default setting to be saved as saving in pdf... same... Read More »

How to Make Video Files Smaller for Email?

Email providers set limitations on the maximum file sizes that you can send. Some of them allow a maximum file size of 10MB while others support 20MB and 25MB. Since videos generally can be large i... Read More »