How to Zero a Red Dot Sight?

Answer There are two types of red-dot sights, but the process for sighting them in is going to be the same. One type of red-dot sight produces a red dot on the target from a laser beam in front of the tri... Read More »

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How to Align Your Peep Sight & Sight on Your Bow?

The peep sight is a small circle with a round opening in the center. The sight attaches to the string on a bow and it narrows the field of vision when the archer is in a full draw position. The sig... Read More »

How to Sight in a Burris Red Dot Sight?

Designed to help hunters pick up the target in dim light, Burris Optics manufactures a line of fiber optic firearm sights with an illuminated red dot. The Red Dot line of sights does not cast a dot... Read More »

How to Get an Automatic and Correct Flash Sight Picture and an Automatic and Correct Sight Picture With P&S?

P&S is a natural, fast, and accurate shooting method that can be used to get an automatic and correct Flash Sight Picture + an automatic and correct Sight Picture for each shot, and regardless of w... Read More »

What Causes Bad Eye Sight?

The biggest dent to eye sight came with the advent of reading. Our eyes are designed to be looking around not at a tiny area of printed words for hours at a time. The eyes are a muscle that we neve... Read More »