How to Write the Word Form of a Decimal Place Value?

Answer Working with decimal numbers requires the solid understanding of place value. You can express both the whole numbers on the left side of a decimal point and the decimal numbers on the right side of... Read More »

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Decimal Place Value Lessons?

The concept of decimal place values can be difficult for many students to master. While demonstrating the difference between one and ten is easily done with balls or stickers, the difference betwee... Read More »

How to Write the Equivalent Form of a Decimal?

In a number, the numerals after the decimal point show parts of a whole in tenths, hundredths, thousandths, continuing on in powers of ten. Understanding the place values of the decimal's numerals ... Read More »

How to Read and Write Numbers With Place Value?

In order to correctly read numbers, one must learn and understand place value. The value of a digit depends on its placement in the number. Once you learn how to read and write numbers in their pro... Read More »

How to Write Down a Whole Number Place Value to a Numeral?

A whole number is a number that is not accompanied by either a fraction or a decimal point. There is no remainder, as the number itself is very specific. If you have a number that has a decimal poi... Read More »