How to Write the Word Form of a Decimal Place Value?

Answer Working with decimal numbers requires the solid understanding of place value. You can express both the whole numbers on the left side of a decimal point and the decimal numbers on the right side of... Read More »

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How to Write the Equivalent Form of a Decimal?

In a number, the numerals after the decimal point show parts of a whole in tenths, hundredths, thousandths, continuing on in powers of ten. Understanding the place values of the decimal's numerals ... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Age in Decimal Form?

Have you ever wanted to know how many years old you are in decimal form? Get a pencil and paper handy (or a calculator), and read on!

How to Change 1/4 to a Decimal Form?

Fractions are portions of whole numbers. They contain a top portion called the numerator and a bottom portion known as the denominator. The numerator is the count of how many portions of the denomi... Read More »

How to Change a Decimal to a Fraction in the Simplest Form?

Converting between fractions and decimal notation is something that comes up all the time. Going from fraction to decimal is easy -- divide the denominator into the numerator. Going the other way -... Read More »