How to Write on the Wall With Markers That Glow in the Dark?

Answer Children love coloring with markers, especially ones that are out of the ordinary. Gel pens or highlighting pens will actually glow in the dark when used with a black light. If you are looking for ... Read More »

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What kind of organism is a corn plant with a jellyfish gene that allows it to glow in the dark?

It is a transgenic organism.The jellyfish gene enables it to do something that corn plants do not normally do, due to the foreign gene (jellyfish gene) being spliced into it.

Wall Colors That Look Good With Dark Wood?

Whether your preference is mahogany, walnut, wenge, or any other hardwood, the natural splendor of their rich variegated tones can literally entrance. In addition, due to their deep color, dark woo... Read More »

Do you like things that glow in the dark?

Yep! In my cousins house (she's married) , they bought those little glow in the dark stars that stick to the wall and stuff. Anyways, in their room, they put those on the ceiling, and made little s... Read More »

How to Airbrush With Glow in the Dark Paint?

Photograph by David Pfeffer.Airbrushing with glow-in-the-dark paint can be tricky, but very fun and exciting if you do it right. Airbrushing is a wonderful art that requires a graceful hand and a g... Read More »