How to Write an Inequality With Two Variables?

Answer An inequality is an equation that describes the relationship between two different variables, most commonly represented by the letters X and Y. Now X and Y are never equal -- hence the inequality -... Read More »

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How to Write an Inequality With the Variable X?

You can use an inequality to compare the relative size of two expressions that are unequal. An inequality appears similar to an equation, which has expressions on two sides of an equal sign, but an... Read More »

How to Solve an Inequality With Negative Fractions?

Solving an inequality with a negative fraction is quite similar to solving an inequality with a positive fraction. However, inequalities with negative fractions usually create the most problems for... Read More »

How to Solve an Inequality With Negative Integers?

An inequality is a mathematical term for two unequal values. Inequalities contain a greater-than or less-than sign that shows which term is greater and which is the lesser value of the two. You mus... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Variables With Exponents?

After learning basic algebra concepts, such as working with variables and working through equations, students will progress on to working with more complicated expressions. One of these concepts ma... Read More »