How to Write an Impersonal Bereavement Letter?

Answer When a professional acquaintance or a professional acquaintance's loved one dies, you need to send a condolence note. Ignoring the death would be rude and cold, even though your relationship may ex... Read More »

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Why is Facebook inundated by impersonal trite crap instead of real personal stuff?

Because of of their "Friends" aren't really friends; they're virtual strangers. No one wants (or no one SHOULD want) strangers reading about their life. Posting too much gets people in trouble. ... Read More »

How can I write a letter to myself that I will get later?

How to Write a Letter in XP?

Microsoft Windows XP is the operating foundation that supports other applications that actually create letter documents. These word processors exist as stand-alone applications or as a part of a pr... Read More »

How to Write a Letter?

Whether you need to communicate more effectively in the workplace, want to reconnect with an old friend, or have a bone to pick with Santa, being able to write a letter is a fundamental skill. To w... Read More »