How to Write an Essay on the Second Middle Passage?

Answer The Middle Passage marks a period in our history from the 1600s to the 1800s where West and Central Africans were enslaved and forcibly moved to the Americas.The second Middle Passage flourished du... Read More »

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How to Write a Second Person Lead Sentence for an Essay?

In writing, the second person establishes a conversational tone. In academic papers, most professors strictly forbid its use because, according to Joan Bruckwicki, an instructor at Tyler Junior Col... Read More »

How to Write an Essay on the Middle East Conflict?

So, for your History class, you've been asked to write an essay about the Middle East Conflict. How on earth do you do that? Here's how.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay for Middle School?

The goal of a persuasive essay (also known as an argumentative essay) is to convince the reader that your theory or idea about a topic is more valid and compelling than another one. In essence, you... Read More »

How to Write a Good Essay: Beginning, Middle & Conclusion?

Writing a quality essay is similar to creating a piece of architecture: first you must have an idea, then you must build the skeleton of your idea and, finally, you must structure your idea so it h... Read More »