How to Write an Equation of a Line Given Y & X Intercepts?

Answer Just as two points make the graph of a line possible, two points create the line's equation, which is also known as a linear equation. Two of important points of a line are its x- and y-intercepts,... Read More »

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How to Write an Equation for a Line on a Graph?

When writing a linear equation from a graph, using the slope-intercept form is usually the easiest. When the equation needs to be in standard form, Ax + By = C, it is possible to convert it from sl... Read More »

How to Write an Equation of a Line Parallel to the X-Axis?

Not only is the x-axis the key to plotting the horizontal coordinates of lines in Cartesian space, the axis can also be viewed as a line itself. Two lines are parallel when they could travel for in... Read More »

How to Find the Intercepts of the Graph of the Equation?

In your algebra class, you will learn to graph linear equations on an x-y coordinate graph system. Because the coordinate points are referenced in terms of the two axes, x and y, the points along w... Read More »

How to Form a Quadratic Equation With No Intercepts?

The number of intercepts of a quadratic equation is determined by the value of its discriminant. If the discriminant is greater than zero, the function has two intercepts; if it is exactly zero, it... Read More »