How to Write an Equation for a Parabola of a Given Point?

Answer The vertex is the most characteristic point of a parabola. It corresponds to the base of a parabola that opens upward or the peak of one that opens downward. It is also the point that the parabola'... Read More »

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How to Write a Parabola Equation?

Quadratic equations form a parabola when graphed. Parabolas are u-shaped curves that can open up or down and have a narrow or wide "mouth" depending on the formula. The general form of a parabola i... Read More »

How to Write a General Form Equation of a Parabola?

The ability to write the equation for a graph is a crucial one in algebra, and it's one you can develop relatively easily. Fortunately, for parabolas, intimidating as they sometimes appear, there i... Read More »

How to Write the Equation of a Tangent Knowing a Point?

In Calculus class, you will often be asked to find the equation of the line tangent to a curve, at a particular point. Finding this equation calls upon your ability to find the derivative of a func... Read More »

How to Find Equation of a Parabola?

Frequently, in Algebra II and upper-level math classes, you will be given the graph of a parabola and asked to find its equation. Parabolas are graphs described by the equation y = ax^2 + bx + c, i... Read More »