How to Write an Equation With Foci?

Answer Foci are points related to geometric shapes in such a way that they serve as defining characteristics for those shapes. The most important among them are the conic sections, which include the circl... Read More »

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How to Write an Equation?

Are you having a hard time with math and need help writing an equation? Well, you clicked on the right link! Here we go!

How to Write an Equation of Motion?

Equations of motion involve variables such as position, time and velocity. An object starts from an initial position, changing its position from moment to moment. As motion takes many forms, writin... Read More »

How to Write a Sentence as an Equation?

In algebra, you will need to be able to translate sentences into equations. While cumbersome, and while this may initially seem difficult, developing this ability is an important prerequisite to tr... Read More »

How to Write a Direct Equation?

A direct equation, or a direct variable equation, is a basic part of algebra. What this means is that there is a statement made that the ratio of one variable to another is a constant, and one dire... Read More »