How to Write an Ampersand?

Answer The ampersand is a character used to replace the word "and" in English, French and German writing. According to the Ohio State University Styleguide, the ampersand symbol is used between two names... Read More »

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How to Draw an & (Ampersand)?

The &, ampersand or 'and sign' is notoriously difficult to draw. Here are some tips.

How to Use an Ampersand in Page Titles?

If you are titling a Web page, you may find typing a regular ampersand (&) ends up looking strange. This is because "&" is in fact an HTML code. When the browser sees "&," it expects some HTML to f... Read More »

How do I Add an Ampersand From a PC Keyboard?

An ampersand is the "&" symbol on a keyboard and represents the word "and." It began being commonly used in the English language around 1837, according to The Word Detective. Adding an ampersand to... Read More »

Punctuation Marks Rules About the Ampersand?

An ampersand, "&," is a substitute for the word "and." In Old English it appeared in paragraph text, but now the consensus is that you should avoid using it in running text. Use it as an abbreviati... Read More »