How to Write an Alphabet Letter Poem?

Answer To many, poetry seems mysterious and scary. From counting syllables to creating just the perfect rhyme, writing a poem can be quite a challenge. Instead of starting your study of poetry with some o... Read More »

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Write your favorite girl and boy name for each letter of the alphabet?

Adeline, AaronBelle, BrianCalista, CalebDena, Damien Elizabeth, ElijahFreya, FrederickGianna, GregoryHarriet, Hayden Isla, IanJane, JackKeira, KeithLianne, LewisMargaret, MasonNatalie, NathanielOli... Read More »

How to Write a Poem About Hester From "The Scarlet Letter"?

Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" is considered one of the most important American literature works, so writing a good poem about the main character, Hester, will take some brainstorming a... Read More »

If you had to use every letter of the alphabet...?

(Boy/Girl)Asher/AlexisBryce/BaileyCaleb/CaelynDylan/DesiraeElliot/ElodieFinn/FaithGabriel/GraceHunter/HaydenIsaac/ImenyJace/JordenKole/KylieLevi/LilyMason/MorganNoah/NaomiOwen/OlesiaParker/PeytonQu... Read More »

Crafts for the Alphabet Letter G?

Alphabet craft activities provide fun ways for children to practice fine motor skills and consolidate learning of individual letters. Craft activities that emphasize alliteration help young childre... Read More »