How to Write a computer program in C++ to print out stuff?

Answer I think the best way to get what you want is to open a document in a text editor or word processor, using a Courier (or other "console" or "monospace" type) font, where all characters are the same ... Read More »

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Write a c++ menu driven program to print the sum of prime nos and fabonacci series. ?

Sum of Prime No :-…Fibonacci Series:-…

Write a program to shut down the computer in c language?

#include #include #include #include "../base.h"#include "power.h"#define to_dev(node) container_of(node, struct device, kobj.entry)extern struct subsystem devices_subsys;void device_shutdown(void){... Read More »

Ipad 3 - is it possible to print stuff from it?

I would transmit your data to a desktop via Teamviewer… if you have this capability. If not you also have as an op... Read More »

Why can't I get my computer to print of my photo galary when it will print of off anything else?

I suggest trying a Photo Software to print your photos, you can download a Free one at :…it will allow you to print photos at home or even online.