How to Write a Verb Preposition With Combinations?

Answer Mastering the ability to correctly combine verbs with prepositions can take a lot of experience and familiarity with the English language. For those teaching children at school or learning English ... Read More »

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How to End Sentences With a Preposition?

Although your high school English teacher may have taught you to never to end a sentence with a preposition, the truth is that ending sentences with prepositions is a widespread and generally accep... Read More »

How to Write Without the Verb "To Be"?

The most ubiquitous verb in the English language, "to be" is an irregular and often vague verb. It appears as "am," "are" and "is" in the present tense. Its other forms are "was" and "were" in the ... Read More »

How to Make Soap for Men With Essential Oil Combinations?

Commercially made soaps contain several harsh chemical ingredients. Many recipes for handmade soaps have a fruity or flowery fragrance that is primarily appealing to women. By making your own soaps... Read More »

Using these names, can you come up with 5 combinations?

Friedrich AlastairCharles LachlanDesmond RhysTheodore BennettWalter PhilipWesley JudeI know it's six, but I couldn't choose just five. you had great names to pick from