How to Write a Summary About Math Class?

Answer Adding writing assignments to a math curriculum is one way that teachers try to help you retain and further understand the subjects you covered in class. Often sitting down and thinking about the t... Read More »

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How to Write a Reflective Summary for a Language Arts Class?

While composing a standard summary calls for the cut-and-dry reporting of facts, writing a reflective summary requires the infusion of your thoughts and ideas. To compose an effective summary, you ... Read More »

How to Write a Good MySpace "About Me" Summary?

Want to know how to write a quality myspace about me that will inform your friends and strangers alike who you are, exactly? You are in the right place!

How to Write an Ode About Math?

Math has probably been (nearly) every student's nightmare at some point in life. However, there's always poetry to release your feelings of gloom!

How to Write a Report About a Student in the Class?

Teachers are not only responsible for teaching students concepts, they must track student progress over time. One way teachers do this is to keep records of student test and assignment scores, whic... Read More »