How to Write a Story for Fun?

Answer It's one of those days when you are really bored. There is nothing to do, your parents are watching T.V and you feel as if you are the only one that has nothing to do. Well, there are many things t... Read More »

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How to Write a Better Story/Novel?

As an avid reader I find a lot of authors with potential. Myself, having writing as one of my hobbies, find that sometimes people need to open their eyes to new writing opportunities.

How to Write a Story when You're a Kid?

Are you a kid or teenager that has always wanted to write a story? Well here is a way that you can use to make an excellent story.

How to Write a Story Template?

A story template should be a recipe to help you carefully blend the inner world of your imagination and dreams with the outer world of your experience, emotions and observations. The template can b... Read More »

How to Write an Interactive Story?

Interactive stories allow you to choose your own ending and direct the flow of the story line. Ever wonder how to write one? This guide will tell you.