How to Write a Sinusoidal Function?

Answer Picture a point moving around the circumference of a circle. A straight line connects this point to the center of the circle. As the point moves, the angle formed between the line it represents and... Read More »

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How to Write a Report of Your Job Function?

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How to Write Math Stories Using Function Tables?

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How to Write a Rule as a Function of a Number Sold?

A function helps you solve for a relationship between variables. For example, if your function is number sold, then you want to calculate number sold. You need to find variables that you have avail... Read More »

How to Write a Function as a Product of Two Linear Factors?

In math, a function is a relation involving variables (letter representations of unknown values) and constants (numbers) where a plugged in value of "x" will output only one "y." When graphed, a fu... Read More »