How to Write a Sample Checklist for ESL Students?

Answer Checklists can be a great tool in the field of education, and particularly important in keeping students on track and focused; however, when doing so for English as a Second Language (ESL) students... Read More »

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Sample Community Evaluation Checklist?

Evaluating a residential community for senior living can be an exhausting task, even if you have found choices that meet your initial requirements. Bear in mind that you'll be evaluating the overal... Read More »

Checklist for College Bound Students?

College bound students are under stress to keep their grades up while they are in high school, yet they have the added responsibilities of applying to college. It can be difficult to remember what ... Read More »

How do i write a sample memo?

ExplanationA memorandum, frequently called a memo, is a short document sent internally in a company. Memos frequently feature a reminder or give a brief explanation of new policies. They may be sen... Read More »

How to Write a Sample Article?

Successful sample articles are written targeted, just as you would write a resume. To write a sample article, you must know the style and requirements of the publication for which you wish to write... Read More »