How to Write a Rubric for a Writing Process?

Answer Many grading systems now use points instead of letters to asses a student's performance. Rubrics allow teachers to give students feedback on why they earned the grade they did. They also promote fa... Read More »

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How to Evaluate an Essay for Professional Rubric Writing?

In a professional essay, grammar and basic writing mechanics should be held to a higher standard. A rubric is a tool used to subjectively evaluate essays for completion of standardized objectives i... Read More »

The Advantages of Writing a Graded Rubric Essay?

A graded rubric essay assignment allows a teacher to give students a list of particular expectations she has about the content of their essays. She then uses this list as she assesses completed ass... Read More »

How to Write an Essay Rubric?

Essay rubrics make grading an easier task to accomplish, allowing a grader to use an evenhanded approach in grading and allowing students to know what will be expected of their essays. Rubrics can ... Read More »

How to Write a Scientific Rubric?

Scientific projects can be difficult to grade. There are often no right answers to guide you in your assessment and you want to encourage your students to be creative. A rubric can help by defining... Read More »