How to Write a Results Chapter in a Thesis?

Answer A thesis statement presents what a writer believes to be true and how the writer intends to prove that. A thesis is a paper, usually containing research that is meant to prove, or in some cases dis... Read More »

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How to Cite a Chapter of a Thesis?

Dissertations, as a resource, are cited in much the same way you would cite a book. The primary difference is that you need to mention that the quotation is from a dissertation, rather than from a ... Read More »

How to Write an MBA Thesis?

Your MBA thesis is a major requirement that must be met in order for you to graduate from most MBA programs. Your thesis should cover a topic of business that you're personally interested in and be... Read More »

How to Write a MEd Thesis?

Writing an M.Ed thesis demonstrates that you have done your reading and research, and that you are ready to speak as a master in your particular subject. A good M.Ed thesis can be the building bloc... Read More »

How to Write a Rationale Thesis?

A rationale thesis explains and supports the reasons for an argument, decision or activity. It is the outline of the basis for your overall thesis, or the point you are supporting in your argument.... Read More »