How to Write a Results Chapter in a Thesis?

Answer A thesis statement presents what a writer believes to be true and how the writer intends to prove that. A thesis is a paper, usually containing research that is meant to prove, or in some cases dis... Read More »

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How to Cite a Chapter of a Thesis?

Dissertations, as a resource, are cited in much the same way you would cite a book. The primary difference is that you need to mention that the quotation is from a dissertation, rather than from a ... Read More »

How to Write a MEd Thesis?

Writing an M.Ed thesis demonstrates that you have done your reading and research, and that you are ready to speak as a master in your particular subject. A good M.Ed thesis can be the building bloc... Read More »

How to Write an MBA Thesis?

Your MBA thesis is a major requirement that must be met in order for you to graduate from most MBA programs. Your thesis should cover a topic of business that you're personally interested in and be... Read More »

How to Write a Theme in the Thesis?

A theme is a concept that an author uses to give meaning to their work and to explain or make arguments about various aspects of life and society. A thesis is a statement found in the introductory ... Read More »