How to Write a Resource Paper Concerning the Job You Are Looking For?

Answer Writing a resource -- or research -- paper about a potential career requires thorough researching and interviewing. One way to ensure that the paper will be successful is to think of the research p... Read More »

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How to Cite a Resource in a Paper?

If you're writing a research paper, then you've heard the cardinal rule of research: when in doubt, cite. Consistent citation in an established citation style is essential in academic and professio... Read More »

Is paper a renewable resource?

Yes, paper is made from a renewable resource. Paper is made from wood pulp; provided that forests are managed in a responsible, sustainable manner, paper products can be produced in an infinite cyc... Read More »

How to Cite a Web Page in a Resource Paper?

The internet has changed the face of research. More and more sources are available online, allowing more sources to be searched in less time. However, the ease of Internet publication means that ... Read More »

Do you consider Wikipedia as a creditable resource to use in writing an academic paper?

An expansive and systematic study of all of the edits made for one calendar quarter (late 2007) on Wikipedia's 100 articles about the hundred U.S. senators showed that the content in those articles... Read More »