How to Write a Report on the Postmaster?

Answer The postmaster is the person in a town who runs the post office. The Postmaster General works in Washington, D.C., and is the person who handles the Federal Post Office and all matters dealing with... Read More »

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How do I report abusive mail to the Postmaster General?

Official ReportReport every piece of harassing mail to the United States Postal Service' Postmaster General. If the communication is criminal---makes a threat of harm against you---report it to the... Read More »

How to Write a Novel Report?

Writing a report on a novel for an English or history class is an opportunity for you to hone your written communication, analysis and organizational skills. The purpose of a novel report is to hig... Read More »

How to Write a Report?

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How to Write a Report in the U.K.?

A report is a document that gives information and offers recommendations based on that information. Reports are written in business to deal with a specific question or problem. A business report mi... Read More »