How to Write a Report on Endangered Animals?

Answer There are about 5,000 endangered species in the world today. As species die off, animal activists and government organizations come together to try to save them and prevent environmental damage by ... Read More »

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How to Write a Report on Animals?

A report on animals allows students to explore little-known facts they might not learn about in school. By focusing your report on one group of animals, such as marine animals or tropical birds, yo... Read More »

Animals Endangered in the U.S.A?

More than 5,400 species of mammals exist. Within the United States, more than 410 mammal species reside. Of the 410, more than 80 are endangered, according to the National Wildlife Federation. In 1... Read More »

Endangered Hawaiian Animals?

When the population of a single animal species becomes so small it is in immediate danger of becoming extinct, the species is considered endangered. A significant population decrease can be due to ... Read More »

Are elephants endangered animals?

With a wild population of less than 50,000, Asian elephants are listed as endangered by the Endangered Species Act. Their numbers are decreasing because of habitat loss, according to Sea World. The... Read More »