How to Write a Quadratic Equation With Given Roots?

Answer Solving a quadratic equation can be confusing to both younger and older math students. Adding to the confusion is what method will work best in solving a particular equation or if the equation can ... Read More »

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How to Find the Roots of a Quadratic Equation?

Finding the roots of a quadratic equation is very simple, if you know the quadratic formula.

How to Find a Quadratic Equation Given the Roots & Leading Coefficient?

In Algebra II class, you will frequently have to find quadratic equations, of the form Ax^2+Bx+C=y. Based on the roots, you can easily come up with a quadratic equation, and if you need the quadrat... Read More »

How to Write the Quadratic Equation in General Form?

A quadratic equation forms a graph of a parabola, where it intersects both the x and y axises. To graph a quadratic equation, you must find the x-intercepts, which define the points where the parab... Read More »

How to Know If a Quadratic Equation Will Have One, Two or Three Answers?

A quadratic equation can have three different types of solutions for its roots or answers. The first type of solution is a single real root, the second type has two different real roots, and the th... Read More »