How to Write a Punk Rock Song?

Answer Learn tips into writing a punk rock song.

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How to Write a Punk Rock Riff?

Punk rock relies on emotional power and the volume and sound of instruments, rather than on elaborate music theory. It can be tough for someone who's not used to operating in this kind of musical c... Read More »

How to Write Punk Rock Songs?

Punk rock started out as a reaction to big-headed, overly complicated corporate music of the 1970's. It is considered a great genre of music for songwriters, and it is supposed to be easier. Despit... Read More »

How to Write a Pop Punk Song?

Whether you're into classic underground bands like Screeching Weasel or newer mainstream bands like Fall Out Boy, you can write a pop punk song similar to these bands. Writing a pop punk song isn't... Read More »

How to Write a Hit Rock Song?

What is it that separates a normal rock song from a hit? What is it that makes some songs excessively popular, while others barely even get played? Of course, a lot of it has to do with talent and ... Read More »